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Great Wine: Winzerkeller Andau Zweigelt


This is what great Socialist wine tastes like. Austria’s WINZERKELLER ANDAU is a wine co-op, which means its wine is produced by a collective of around 300 growers who, fortified with subsidies from the government, have joined together as equal partners in labor, distribution and profit. Existing as a cooperative is equally a matter of survival and principle. A small family wine producer has a chance to compete against the big global corporations by extending their hand to other small players just like themselves—and, collectively, hundreds of hands joined together creates one stronger union of artisans. The outcome for us consumers? Excellent wine at competitive prices, as is the case with this 2010 Zweigelt [sv-eye-gehlt], a distinctive and attractive medium-bodied red with overriding notes of ripe cherry and raspberry in the middle and cocoa on the finish that pairs extraordinarily well with any meal involving lots of animal protein.

Socialism is a dirty word in the political climate of the United States, but as we approach our annual Thanksgiving holiday it might be worth something to set aside political discord for a minute and reflect on the spirit behind the egalitarian concept of socialism. Every person at that first Thanksgiving table in Plymouth, white Pilgrim or dark-skinned Native American, was grateful for the other person’s having their back, at least for a while. This wine was created with that same spirit, so drink this wine with everyone at your table in that spirit—and have yourselves a very happy Thanksgiving!  –J.M.



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November 26, 2014


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