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Great Wine: Valderiz Ribera del Duero


Dark toned, big, plump, rich and concentrated—and with a hint of a bit of a tortured soul—this Ribera Del Duero red wine is the equivalent of a Francisco Goya painting.

The organic 2014 VALDERIZ is broad strokes of very ripe dark plum, black currant, dark chocolate, tar, black pepper and savory spices. The wine’s powerful, broad tannins propel a finish that lasts for more than a minute. It’s quite a punch and a natural high. At 15% alcohol level, the intention is clearly to take you into a convexly self-reflective and quietly somber mood before knocking you out for the night. This type of guttural going-within is good for the soul.

Spain’s Ribera Del Duero (RBD) is one of the greatest wine regions of the world, home to perhaps the finest expressions of the Tempranillo grape. I’m constantly amazed at how many shades of red Tempranillo is able to convey.  Considering its large scale—somewhat surprising, as the wine is classified as “Cosecha,” which indicates a young harvest and minimum aging requirements—the Valderiz is the kind of RBD that big Napa Cab lovers will love for the price.  –J.M.


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February 28, 2018


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