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Great Wine: Sons of Eden “Pumpa”


Sounds biblical. Doesn’t it?—until you find out the reference is to Eden Valley, Australia. The celebrated winemaker and viticulturist behind the SONS OF EDEN winery cut their teeth in this smallish, hilly, elevated winemaking region of South Australia, considered one of the most challenging in the country. But what if they were, in truth, the direct descendants of the well-known couple who inhabited the original Garden of Eden? Would that explain the purity, the freshness and the deliciously forward nature of the wine’s forbidden fruit? The 2013 bottling of Pumpa, a delectably round, supple and smooth elixir of 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44% Shiraz and 4% Tempranillo, is temptation that’s hard to resist. The fresh nose of black cherry and blackberry carries forward richly onto the palate, with added notes of red cherry, earth and dark chocolate. So drinkable, so easy to like. Go ahead, indulge and be awakened to the knowledge of the singular charm of Eden Valley red wine. You’ll pay a price and will be cast out from the garden, but hey, life is better living in sin.  –J.M.


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September 3, 2016


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