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Great Wine: Skouras “Zoe” White


There’s a clever country ditty by Blake Shelton called “Some Beach.” In the song, the main character finds himself in many compromising situations—but, instead of giving in to his baser instincts and yelling out an expletive (“sonofabitch!”), he avoids getting angry by singing to himself: “Some beach . . . somewhere.” Sonofabitch/some beach—get it? Haha funny, but the more times you listen to the damn catchy song it starts to make a lot of sense as a practical method to maintaining our better selves in tough situations.

Well, the 2013 SKOURAS “Zoe” White wine is something that’ll take anyone out of their winter doldrums or any other blues that seem to hit us in the cold and frosty first months of the new year. From the isle of the Peloponnese, this sunny, radiant Greek wine is as refreshing as a cool Mediterranean wind. Pineapple, mandarin orange and lemon notes everywhere—this is paradise. Technically, it’s made of 60% Roditis and 40% Moscofilero, but that probably means little to you. Don’t matter. If you find yourself someplace and there’s nothing to look at outside the window but pounding snow, hail or rain and that wind chill is whistling through the cracks of the four walls, simply unscrew a bottle of Zoe by the fire and you too, like Mr. Shelton, might find yourself singing “Some beach . . . somewhere.”  –J.M.



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January 14, 2015


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