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Great Wine: Silverado SOLO Cabernet Sauvignon



Price Range : $99 - 128

Region: Stags Leap District, Napa Valley, California Ready to Drink: 4-5 years after bottle vintage

The silky smooth and soft textures of great Cabernet Sauvignons from the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley are unmistakeable. There are wines that are prized, and then there are wines that are loved—Stags Leap District Cabs are affectionately loved for their sensuality, richness, depth of expression and, simply, for providing an extraordinarily level of pleasure. With uncommon grace and exquisite balance, the single-vineyard 2013 SOLO Cabernet Sauvignon from SILVERADO VINEYARDS is a superbly crafted wine of the region. Richly aromatic and lusciously succulent in flavors of red fruit, blackcurrant and black plum, and distinguished by fine, sweet tannins, this Cab refuses to draw the line between pure enjoyability and elegance. It’s like listening to the music of Sade while you’re being escorted around town in a cozy, luxury limousine. Relaxed, for sure, but with zippy acidity and vibrant freshness, the wine has lively energy as well. And, with a long, lingering finish, the invitation for romance is all set. For anyone traveling through Napa Valley, the wide open vistas of the Stags Leap District leave an unforgettable impression. In the big picture, the SOLO Cabernet is a wonderful expression of the vineyard and of a gorgeous vintage.  –J.M.


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April 9, 2017