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Great Wine: Seghesio Home Ranch Zinfandel


Luscious dark cherry and boysenberry goodness, and downright delicious. The Home Ranch is the flagship Zinfandel of the stalwart SEGHESIO lineup of Zins—and this is where it all started: the vines of the Alexander Valley vineyard were planted in 1895 by founder Eduardo Seghesio, and you can taste the tradition in the rich, robust and deep character of the wine. In the 2013 vintage, a smoky, scorched earth nose gives way to the succulent essence of American Zinfandel fruit. Bold and powerful flavor, complex structure, smooth and alluring texture, and fresh acidity all come together in a seamless whole. The balance here is amazing, and what you have in bottle is something of great history, stature, and elegance. This is wine borne out of the dawn of a new American century, the beginning of the modern era. In the 1890s, immigrants started streaming into the country through Ellis Island, and some who had arrived before, like the Seghesio family, made it out West to leave their mark on the new land, as did many Italian immigrants who pioneered California winemaking. It’s a great story, and this is one of California’s greatest Zinfandels.  –J.M.


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February 17, 2016


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