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Great Wine: Rickshaw Pinot Noir


Can wine have a conscience? Like Toms shoes, RICKSHAW, a young California winery established in 2010, takes a leap off the cutting edge and makes it a part of their business model—and marketing strategy—to take profits off the top and give back to the greater good as part of their bottom line. Should we care? Is this just blatant pandering to the bleeding-heart millennial in all of us? Can you change the world with a wine bottle? Does it matter or make a difference when you choose to put conscience before profit as a way of life and a mode of conducting business? Yeah. It does—especially when their 2012 Pinot Noir tastes this darn good and is so fairly priced for such quality in return. There’s great craft and goodwill behind the artful blending of grapes sourced from cool-climate regions of California—there’s Sonoma Coast, Russian River and Anderson Valley in here—that make up this unendingly delightful and pleasing wine. Striking raspberry overtones persist from nose to lip-smacking finish. You drink with a smile. The goodwill hunting for a terrific and affordable Pinot that belongs on every table is over. So, how do you like them apples?  –J.M.


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October 29, 2014


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