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Great Wine: Quinta Da Aveleda


Phew, winter is over. On the East Coast, Midwest and Southland, USA, homes are emerging from under a record layer of ice and snow. On the West Coast, temperatures have been so abnormally high for winter multiple states are looking at a severe drought. Is this the beginning of the end? Like the dinosaurs were wiped out by catastrophic weather patterns, so too the humans? Even if this is the case, here’s a $10 white wine–that’s right, ten dollars!–that’ll make you feel optimistic about spring and summer. Friendly and accessible down to the screwtop cap on the bottle, this is wine that makes a popping sound when you twist it open. Full of bustling minerality and effervescence, the 2013 QUINTA DA AVELEDA, a product of Portuguese sun and cold Atlantic sea breeze, is a pink grapefruit-laden, carbonated zinger. Light and cool and refreshing in its relentless tropical acidity, it’s a perfect warm weather sipper. So, put away the doom & gloom and ride into the oblivion with a cheery mood lifter that happens to be ridiculously inexpensive compared to the cost of a prescription for Xanax without insurance. And while you’re raising your wine glass, feel free to sing along with the classic R.E.M. song . . . “It’s the end of the world as we know it (And I feel fine).”  –J.M.


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April 22, 2015


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