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Great Wine: Mumm Napa Brut Rosé


In the real world—that is, the one where people aren’t buying up properties like hotcakes in the toniest sections of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, the Bay Area or Miami, to name a few, or shopping at Louis Vuitton or driving a Tesla—there’s regular folk searching for ways to experience the good life within limited means. Brands that come to mind which serve this “affordable luxury” consumer category are Michael Kors, Coach, Lexus, Apple and Virgin Airlines, to name a few. In the wine world, count MUMM NAPA as one of them. And their Brut Rosé sparkling wine is a prime example why. Lovely and pink and sophisticated and stylish, look no further as to an easy way to elevate an occasion into one that feels like a special occasion.  Vivacious and lively with its soft, delicate flavors of black cherry and young strawberry finishing on a note of Mediterranean herbs and wet stone, the sharpness of this bubbly’s acidity is just right, not too strong and not too wimpy. The wine is beautifully balanced with hardly a hint of bitterness, and extra charming because of this, ending with a lingering sweet aftertaste, like a good kiss. What is luxury but a monetary gateway to experiencing a heightened sense of romance? This romance won’t cost you too much.  –J.M.


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November 1, 2015


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