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Great Wine: Joseph Phelps Pinot Noir, Freestone Vineyards


Big, fat, round and juicy—this is no-holds-barred Pinot Noir, a fruitbomb. The 2009 JOSEPH PHELPS Pinot Noir, Freestone Vineyards is just fucking good, there’s no other way to put it. We could talk about the awesome terroir that shaped the character of the small-cluster fruit on the vine—how you can taste the Sonoma Coast fog that rolled in to moisten the grape’s deep purple skin just enough to ripen the fruit to perfection—or how the dramatic, cold winds of the region above combined with the fine, sandy loam and sandstone soil below to form a stormy marriage that engendered the endlessly engaging structure and complexity of the wine … but why would we? By the time you taste this, all that goes out the window. You take a sip, lay the wineglass down, smack your lips, and chant, “This is fucking good wine,” and lift the glass to your lips again and drink. This all repeats over and over until you depressingly run out of juice. After which you’ll say, “Fuck, there’s none left.” –J.M.



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October 1, 2014


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