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Great Wine: Gary Farrell Russian River Selection Pinot Noir


With the holidays soon approaching, and with the holiday spirit bound to take over us all, it’s good to know we’ll finally be able to put aside the rancor of the political season behind us. Wait a minute . . . who are we kidding?! When it comes to bringing out the inner rancor within otherwise civilized people, the Thanksgiving holiday wears the crown. It all begins with arguing over whether we’re watching football or ice skating, and then it all goes downhill from there. For those family and friends who haven’t yet un-friended each other as of November 8, there’s one thing everyone can agree on at the Thanksgiving table: that the 2014 GARY FARRELL Russian River Selection Pinot Noir would be a very elegant and classy bottle to have on the table along with that turkey, stuffing, mash, gravy and whatever else is part of the feast. 

Brightness greets you on the nose, an uplifting and jovial mood-setter. There’s ripe strawberry, dark cherry and sweet baking spices. The acidity that meets the palate is lively and bright. The weight of the wine is medium-bodied, its texture on the dry side, focused and precise while flavor being succulent in red fruit notes. This is Pinot that begs to go with food and embellishes the occasion. And it’s got all the stuffing of classic Russian River Valley character. 

Wine brings people together. With grace, elegance and class, this bottle is plenty enough for all at the table to set aside their differences . . . if only just for a while.  –J.M.

Our 2013 Vintage Review:

[dropcap size=dropcap]R[/dropcap]ipe strawberries, raspberries and violets greet the nose. An attractive, light and round sweetness flows through like a river, grounded by notes of earth and baking spices. Sometimes there is fog, and sometimes a quiet, still and cool darkness. There is light and sun as well, and the warmth it brings. Vibrant and alive, this is Russian River Valley red wine in all of its complexity and splendor. 21 vineyards’ grapes go into this bottle. Savory and fruit forward, this distinctive blend captures all of the colors of the spectrum that exist in the reaches, far and wide, of the valley that surrounds the life force that is the Ashokawna, otherwise known as the Russian River.  –J.M.   92 pts


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November 13, 2016


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