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Great Wine: Gary Farrell Russian River Selection Chardonnay


The 2014 bottling of this classic California Chardonnay is one of power and rich intensity. There’s no holding back its suave, vibrant and even audacious personality. A blend of fruit culled from several top “cru” vineyards of the Russian River Valley, such as the Rochioli, Martinelli, Olivet Lane, Westside Farms and Bacigalupi, the GARY FARRELL Russian River Selection Chardonnay makes a bold statement with its concentrated flavors of lemon meringue, stone fruit and green apple along with additional nuances of white and yellow flowers, almond butter, oak and the faintest hint of mint. There is a balance here of a certain level of creaminess in texture that meets a bright, bracing acidity of citrus on the finish. In other words, this is a complete Chardonnay, all held together with solid structure and exhibiting the exceptional quality of character we expect of great Chardonnays from the Russian River region. A killer wine at a killer price—always has been, always will be.  –J.M.

Our 2013 Vintage Review:

[dropcap size=dropcap]I[/dropcap]t takes three weeks of blind tasting each lot in the barrel, and deciding where the fruit of 15 vineyards goes, to make this blend. 2013 provided ideal conditions for optimally ripened fruit, setting the stage for a quintessential Russian River Valley white wine with great body and balance, fresh acidity, vibrant complexity and a delectable flavor mix, like a shuffle on the Spotify playlist, of apple, Asian pear, brioche, vanilla, persimmon and ginger—all held together with lemony persistence. A go-to Chardonnay if there ever was one, beautiful and melodious like Ella Fitzgerald singing the Great American Songbook.  93 pts

 –J.M. and R.K.


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August 10, 2016


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