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Great Wine: Force Majeure Syrah


Luscious. Synonyms according to Google search: nubile, ravishing, gorgeous, seductive, alluring, sultry, beautiful, stunning. Yes, and yes—all appropriate descriptors for the 2014 FORCE MAJEURE Syrah. The dude who makes this wine, Todd Alexander, is used to making $500 cult Cabernets in Napa Valley (for Bryant Family Vineyard) so it’s darn interesting to find out what a Napa master does with a whole new playground, which is the terroir of the Red Mountain appellation of Washington State, and a whole new grape, which happens to be Syrah. And Washington is a place to make absolutely riveting Syrah wine—refer to Cayuse, Charles Smith’s Royal City, Gramercy, and Reynvaan, to name just a few, who have laid down the formidable groundwork for boutique Washington Syrah to be taken seriously, very seriously. You can add Force Majeure to the exclusive list.

A striking nose of violets, blueberry and cured meats introduces the palate to the deep, powerful richness of black and blue fruit—this is definitely a hot 2014 vintage Syrah—albeit with an exquisite sense of balance that makes all the difference when it comes to appreciating its beauty. You have to think that the 1% of Viognier that goes into the bottle is a solid contributor to the special qualities of the Force Majeure. Texture so silky, the presence of salinity that keeps driving the wine forward, vibrant acidity that lifts, minerality on the finish that’s assertive, black pepper on the finish that brings some attitude, and luxurious finesse along the whole ride—all of these things make for a blockbuster red that captures the essence of why great Washington Syrah is a singular experience. Synonyms for “singular” according to Google: remarkable, extraordinary, exceptional, outstanding, notable, noteworthy.  –J.M.


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March 8, 2017


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