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Great Wine: Donelan Two Brothers Pinot Noir


We were meant to walk barefoot. Early medical studies are showing that we reap remarkable health benefits when the soles of our feet make contact with soil, grass, or sand. The consequence of an industrialized civilization is a distancing from nature—buildings are comprised of walls and barriers, and the byproducts of mechanized processes threaten the viability of nature’s existence. Removing the barrier of the rubber of shoes between the feet and earth’s natural surfaces enables a spiritual and empirical connection to the intrinsic healing powers of nature. You could say that this kind of spiritual connection to earth is something that occurs in the experience of drinking wine. On a core human level, perhaps this is why, throughout history, wine has been such a part of ritual or spiritual practice.

From its purity of expression to its earthiness, exquisite balance and delicately composed complexities, the 2011 DONELAN Two Brothers Pinot Noir, made from Sonoma and Mendocino fruit, is a nature-lover’s Pinot and boutique winemaking at its finest. Starting with a perfume of fresh-picked garden strawberries and cherries then following through on the palate with an ethereal mix of vanilla, cedar, English Breakfast tea and cardamom spice flittering amongst the rustic quality of concentrated fruit flavors, the wine journeys along a slightly buttery yet nicely acidic texture towards a rich finish of sumptuous tannins.

Nature flows according to its own cadence and rhythm, and this sumptuously beautiful red wine offers a connection to that ethereal rhythm and flow.  –J.M.


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November 25, 2015


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