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Great Wine: Domaine Mont Chavy Morgon


If you’re going to go Beaujolais, go cru Beaujolais. Consumption of Beaujolais wine tends to spike way up during Thanksgiving time in this country, and here’s an opportunity to not only perfectly pair a wine with that big turkey feast but wow your friends & family with your eclecticism and the broadmindedness of your worldview. And no worries that anyone will think you’re one of those obnoxious wine geeks for bringing a French wine to the table that no one’s ever heard of—because, after all, “bojo” is a lightweight, fluffy kind of red wine. By going with Morgon [/more-gohn/], like the delightful, juicy, food-friendly and very down-to-earth 2009 DOMAINE MONT CHAVY, you’re going “premium” bojo, which is basically what wine geeks mean when they use the term “cru” Beaujolais. A Morgon is bojo that possesses all the classic tart cherry and cranberry characteristics but is deeper, darker and earthier, and considered higher-end and serious. In other words—this is serious fluff. Like an episode of Friends. Or a good Katy Perry pop hit. A wine for those times in life (and let’s hope there’s plenty of them) when there’s no reason to be so serious.  –J.M.


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November 12, 2014


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