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Great Wine: Colomé Torrontes


Few pursuits in life reward you for going outside your comfort zone more than wine. Make no mistake, once the floodgates to wine discovery fly open and you get swept away, the love of wine becomes a life pursuit, and there’s no turning back. You could say the same thing about having a passion for food or travel, and, thus, wine+food+travel tend to be blissful companions. Consider, then, the 2013 COLOMÉ Torrontes, a bright, elegant white wine from the Calchaqui Valley of Argentina. Grown only in Argentina, the Torrontes (sounds like Toronto with an “ess”) grape does particularly well in the high altitudes of the Calchaqui. Want extreme?—the vineyards are located at heights over 6 times that of Italy’s Piedmont region. High intensity of sunlight and extreme temperature variations create a robust grape, high in concentration of flavor and aroma. Once enchanted by the wine’s beautiful pale gold color and perfume of white flowers, white peach and herbs, on the palate is orange blossom and marmalade, lemon meringue, jasmine and a hint of mint. It’s pure joy! And the good news is the ticket costs less than 15 dollars to travel to these heights. Just a spirit of adventure is needed on top of the fare. Let others in the world wage wars and draw lines of territory. When it comes to love of wine, there are no borders.  –J.M.


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June 20, 2015


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