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Great Wine: Chermette Coeur de Vendanges Beaujolais


New rule: Beaujolais will be had year-round, not just during Thanksgiving holiday. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The light, cheery and fruity (and economically-priced) red wine of France’s Burgundy region is a standard pairing with roasted turkey with stuffing & gravy for a reason. However, especially during the warmth of summer, it’s a perfect outdoorsy wine to enjoy in social gatherings or a picnic in the park. The 2011 CHERMETTE Cœur de Vendanges Beaujolais is typically light and delightful but has a serious side to it. The vineyard’s mature 100-year old vines and granite in soil combine to produce an atypically rich, dark, hefty and structured wine from its Gamay grape. Young cherry, raspberry and pleasing violets set the tone, and crisp acidity and sourness finishes, balanced by notes of oak, black tea and baking spices. You can go high-end and pair with artisanal French cheeses, or go casual with smoky BBQ. White wine lovers complain that red wines are too heavy or tannic, and red wine lovers feel white wines are too lightweight or fruity. Lovers unite! With Beaujolais, there’s no road too long when you meet in the middle.  –J.M.


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May 31, 2015


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