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Great Wine: Banshee Sauvignon Blanc


It’s amazing how diverse a so-called dry and high-acidity white wine like Sauvignon Blanc can be. It can be citrusy, and it can be sweet. It can be round and lush, it can be bone-dry and laser-focused. It can be relaxed, or it can be persistent. It can be aromatic, or it can be stony. The BANSHEE Sauvignon Blanc comfortably finds itself in the middle ground. Say, somewhere in-between a Spottswoode and a Merry Edwards, two classics of the genre who are on opposite ends of the spectrum. With fruit from both the Russian River Valley and Dry Creek Valley, the 2013 bottling of the Banshee enjoys the best of both worlds. It’s a Sauvignon Blanc that’s dry but soft on the palate. It’s also scintillating but even-keeled, relaxed but persistent, and elegant but down-to-earth. On the nose is tropical fruit, white flowers and lemon oil. These notes continue on the palate, adding green apple and Mediterranean herbs, with grapefruit bitters on the finish. Interestingly, there’s a European sensibility to the style of the wine—if tasted blind, it might not be immediately apparent that this is an American wine. You can go cured Italian meats, Chèvre cheese & peppercorn crackers, oysters or sashimi with this. Diversity is the operative word here. Along that note, Sauvignon Blanc, typically, is considered a summer/spring wine. Damn convention. There’s something about a winter’s chill or a December’s frost that enhances the cool characteristics of the wine. If you manage to squeeze in the winter classic Edward Scissorhands in-between repeated showings of Miracle on 34th Street and Meet Me in St. Louis around the fire this holiday season, well, this Banshee would be a very cool pairing.  –J.M.


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December 12, 2015


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