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GARY FARRELL | Reviews of New Releases – Spring 2017


Reviews of the latest wines from Gary Farrell, released Spring 2017: 



The new energy and synergy coming in tune at Gary Farrell winery continues to sing, producing a new batch of wines this Spring that are distinctive and deeply satisfying, each in their own way. Impeccably crafted by winemaker Theresa Heredia.



 Gary Farrel Rose_png

Russian River Valley, California, USA
Owned by: The Vincraft Group
General Manager: Nancy Bailey
Winemaker: Theresa Heredia

Rosé of Pinot Noir 2016

Russian River Valley | $32 | 91 pts

Pretty in pink, light peach pink to be precise, this is rosé meant to be enjoyed loudly. Playful and lively with bright, rich red fruit personality—lip-smackingly refreshing and awash in the acidity of young red berries—such a crowd pleasing pink wine deserves a crowd. Party up! Casual or stylish, spur of the moment or formal, an impeccably crafted and delightful rosé like this adds life and lift to the camaraderie and merriment of any get-together. With additional notes of yellow peach and pomelo, the wine practically dares you to not take another sip quickly and often.

Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Russian River Valley | $60 | 93 pts 

GF-2014-Chard-Ritchie-300pxEnthralling nose of lemongrass, lemon curd, almond and bright citrus carries onward to the palate where one finds pronounced minerality and energetic acidity. A Chardonnay of sterling focus that’s right on the mark. A great Ritchie always displays elegance of structure, and that’s here in spades like a sharp-dressed man, spiffy and tall. For some reason, I hear 80s British alternative pop when I drink this wine—The English Beat, Squeeze, Fine Young Cannibals, Spandau Ballet…  


Durell Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Sonoma Valley | $60 | 94 pts

GF-2014-Chard-Durrell-300pxA bouquet of sweet honeysuckle, butter, ripe apple and white flowers is a lovely introduction to a Chardonnay so creamy and luxurious. Rounded and with good weight on the body, this is a mellow wine save for the lively acidity of citrus. Just waiting to be paired with a high-end meal involving crustaceans. Striking many aspects of one’s fancy, truly a romantic and intimate wine, likely leading to lofty conversations about dreams, world travel, favorite novels or why no one can make good romantic comedies anymore. 


Bacigalupi Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

Russian River Valley | $60 | 93 pts

GF-2014-Pinot-Bacigalupi-300pxIn this vintage, a Pinot that’s tailor-made for contemporary palates—broadly speaking, those who like ‘em big, juicy and sweet and, in likelihood, also like the types of wines that are part of the red-blend craze of right now. A sumptuous nose of strawberry preserves is followed by savory and rich classic Russian River Valley fruit character, with an overriding note of cherry cola, and then finishing on the fresh acidity of dark raspberries. With mild tannins, this is very approachable stuff—no waiting necessary. The vitality of fruit is front and center, and the wine is ready to serve immediate gratification. Very yummy. 

Gap’s Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

Sonoma Coast | $75 | 95 pts

GF-2014-Pinot-Gaps-Crown-300pxColor of wine is a majestic ruby and sets the stage for a wine of estimable majesty. Aromatically, there’s faint suggestions of dried rose, red cherry and ripe strawberry. On the palate, added notes of tea and allspice emerge within layers of luscious texture. Gripping, powerful tannins meet assertive acidity, and the wine’s excellent balance and marvelous complexity leave an imprint on our sense memory. This is a weighty Pinot Noir, one of substantial depth. Gets more fascinating with every sip. Cerebral and stately, dignified and true—a real standout in the Gary Farrell lineup.   


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